Designed and sewn in California, Magill utilizes small-batch production to craft made-to-order clothing without the negative impacts of large scale production. We don’t produce in mass-quantities or purchase large amounts of materials prior to production so that we limit the excess inventory and waste this can create.

Our philosophy is to “buy better and buy less”, by choosing higher quality pieces and caring for them well.

Infused with vintage nostalgia, many Magill designs are inspired by vintage sewing patterns and garments (especially our favorite style-era, the 1970’s). Incorporating heirloom sewing techniques and details, Magill clothing takes the best of the past and makes it new again.

We believe in making items to be cherished for years and generations to come, creating beloved vintage pieces of the future, today.


Treasured momentos, vintage collegiate gear, hand-crafted heirlooms and authenticity.

We're a lifestyle brand who believes in quality over quantity and the magic of nostalgia

the founder

Emily Bowser

I sewed my first piece of clothing when I was 13 years old and instantly fell in love with the creation process and magic of designing.

Over the following years fast-fashion dominated the clothing industry & I found myself seeking unique pieces rather than mass-production. Upon discovering vintage, I was enamored with the hand details that make each garment special. Clothing made with these techniques was worth keeping for life, passing down as family heirlooms & treasured memories. This passion for vintage quality, detail & design inspired me to create Magill - a brand that crafts clothing & lifestyle goods inspired by vintage that will be loved now and for years to come.

Emily currently lives in San Diego, California with her husband Jeff, sons Max and Cameron and pets Haze & Bash.


behind the scenes


Wine makes for extra creativity


every magill piece is made-to-order in our home studio


All products are crafted by hand in San Diego


we use traditional heirloom techniques, like pleating & smocking, for timeless details & quality



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